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Cleaning, Blocking & Repair

Cleaning & Blocking

We offer traditional cleaning and blocking on wool and fur felt dress and western hats. Using our 100 year old equipment we can make most hats look like new. For an appointment or email estimate on work please reach out via phone or email. Cleanings start at $30 and vary depending on hat condition and make. 

Brim Cutting or Binding

Using our traditional rounding jack brims can sometimes be shortened to taste. Replacing a ribbon binding adds to the project but it is also offered. prices for a brim trim with a raw edge starts at $40. 

New Ribbon

Sometimes ribbons wear out or you may want to change it up. From pugaree ribbons meant to go over existing ribbons to removal and replacement of original ribbon with vintage or contemporary ribbon from our collection. Prices start at $15 for a Pugaree to $30-75 for hand sewn custom ribbon work. 

New Sweatband

Replacement of the interior sweatband is offered for vintage and contemporary soft felt and western hats. Vintage bowlers and top hats are not worked on due to the damage and time involved in doing this style of replacement. New sweatbands are Roan Goat Leather Sweatbands in a variety of colors. New sweatbands rejuvenate a hat giving it many new years of wear. Replacent includes a cleaning, Prices start at $100. 

Full Refurbishment

This is the process of stripping a hat completely to the felt and giving it a deep cleaning, it is then pounced, stiffened, new sweatband and ribbon, reshaped and fur felt conditioned. The brim is flanged and the hat is rebuilt as new. Starts at $150

reshaping/brim flattening

Fur felt and some wool felt hats can be reshaped or have the brim reshaped. It can change up the feel of hat and make it look like a different hat. Call or email with questions. Prices start at $30

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