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Mens Hats

In our shop we offer the best of headwear that can be found; When you want quality, and something no one else has, we are your go to shop. From other manufacturers to in house bespoke we are your hat experts. We have Flat caps, Cabby Hats, Pocket Caps, 8/4 Panel Caps, Newsboys, Big Apples (when available), Fedoras, Pork Pies, Homburgs, Derbys, Bowlers, Godfathers, Center Dents, Teardrops, Sky Pieces, Flat Tops, Top Hats, Dress, Western, Americana, & everything in between. In house we make only fur felt custom hats, Dress or Western, made to the highest level of quality available. Make your appointment today so we can help you with what ever hat needs you may have. See below for more details. 




At McLaughlin & Hayes Hat Company you will find in our combined mens and womens showroom a beautiful curated collection of hats, headwear and caps.  We sit with our reps and hand pick every hat that comes in.  We focus on smaller companies and makers from all over the world, while also having and selling some of the biggest names in hats and making our own. Stop in and we can get you set up in a great new hat that will look fantastic and fit in with your style and wardrobe. Stand Out Look Sharp.  

Hand Inked Hats are only available from McLaughlin & Hayes Hat Company. It is a technique that Master Hatter J. McLaughlin started developing over 8 years ago.  Using alcohol Ink and felt brushes after the 100% Beaver hat is made, original art of Johns is first hand drawn on the hat. Then the inking process begins.  There is NO PAINT used in the making of these hats.  Paint wears off, the Ink is absorbed by the fiber like a tattoo.  along with the complimentary cleaning and blocking all custom hats from McLaughlin & Hayes receive, like a tattoo, the UV from the sun will fade the art work.  So John goes in every 4-6 years as needed and re inks the hat.  This makes the colors renew and it pops like the day it was bought.  John Loves working with clients to make an art hat. From floral or geometric to art deco and nouveau influenced art , Johns style of art and the art of hat making collide in the creation of each Hand Inked Hat. 


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