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Mens Hats

In our shop we offer the best of headwear that can be found; When you want quality, and something no one else has, we are your go to shop. From other manufacturers to in house bespoke we are your hat experts. We have Flat caps, Cabby Hats, Pocket Caps, 8/4 Panel Caps, Newsboys, Big Apples (when available), Fedoras, Pork Pies, Homburgs, Derbys, Bowlers, Godfathers, Center Dents, Teardrops, Sky Pieces, Flat Tops, Top Hats, Dress, Western, Americana, & everything in between. In house we make only fur felt custom hats, Dress or Western, made to the highest level of quality available. Make your appointment today so we can help you with what ever hat needs you may have. See below for more details. 



Our custom hats are made in the finest of materials available. From fine grade Panama straw hats for summer, to Beaver Fur Felt and exotic blends for Fall/Winter ordering a bespoke hat is an experience.  Making heritage quality goods that will last a lifetime is our specialty. We use a device called a conformatuer, made in the 1890s, to get an exact 1/6 reduction of your head size and shape. Then using the punch out card this rare machine provides, it is placed in a formillion, an adjustable last, that enlarges the cut out back to full size. This allows us to custom fit the bespoke hat to your head while you aren't in shop.  


Pre Made

On our shelves are other manufacturers as well as our own in house made designs.  When you are looking for the best in hand made hats but need it faster than a custom, pre made is the place for you. From traditional to outlandish whatever you need we will have something for you. 


Vintage & Off the Shelf

We offer a small but well curated collection of vintage hats.  From NOS to refurbished pieces we have some beautiful examples of vintage hats.  Stock and availability fluxuate. Our off the shelf hats from other makers runs seasonally. Though we do keep some of everything in house at most times. Our seasonal selection of hats is choosen from the top makers in the industry and only the best designs and pieces are selected to be brought in. sizes sell quickly so watch social media for notifications of shipments for the best selection. Make your shopping appointments early.

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